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Vending Pros and Cons

There are always advantages and disadvantages to doing anything. The only thing to do is weigh your options and decide if the advantages are enough for you to be able to take on the disadvantages. I have shared some of these advantages and disadvantages below, read through and let us know what you think!



Easy to scale - start small and grow big eventually

Time commitment - time spent stocking, servicing, and collecting money from your machines on a regular basis can take time

Choices - There are all different choices on what can sell in your vending machine(s)

Theft and Vandalism - Vending machines are an easy target when it comes to theft and vandalism. It is important to make sure that your machine locations are located in secure and safe areas to avoid a loss in profits.

Little to no overhead cost - If you are someone doing this on your own you don't have to worry about staff, office space, and etc.

Vending is definitely a good start-up business. Check out our blog next month for more vending tips and don't forget to stop by our purchase selections on the website!!!

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