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Stock so you can stack!!!

What you stock in your vending machine is a key factor in the income you will generate from your vending machine. When deciding what products you will stock in your machine, pay attention to local and site-specific needs. Depending on where you decide to place your machine, instead of looking at wider beverage and snack trends, take a census of the population you will be serving.

In the beginning, it is best not to overstock, just pay attention to the demand and restock based on that. Drinks tend to bring in a large percentage of the revenue if you are selecting to combine food and beverage in your machine. Consider your location when deciding what types of beverages to sell, whether it may be the pricer flavored drinks, coconut waters, or just the standard soda and plain water options. Lastly, size matters as well when determining your machine so be sure to select the right machines that can carry the item shapes you would like to stock. For example, will you be stocking bottled, canned, or even boxed water or juice? Every little thing counts, so be sure to factor in the size and shape of what you will carry when selecting your machine.

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