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Smart Investing

After starting the initial business, getting the machine, location and negotiating terms with business owners where machines will be placed, it is time to think about investments. How will you track your inventory and operations as well as record revenue? These are investments to think about whether you will be taking the time to track and monitor these things on your own or purchasing a software system.

If you are starting with just one machine, it makes sense to just do the tracking on your own to save on cost. However, if you are starting with multiple machines it may make sense to invest in software. The software will help you keep track of how your products are selling, assist in choosing how to re-stock, keep track of inventory, and record sales. With the software or vending management system, you can keep track of everything remotely and do not need to travel from location to location for each machine. Think and chose wisely based on what your business needs are.

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