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Options, Options and More Options

There are many options when deciding what type of vending machine you would like to have. When deciding what you would like to stock, you need to consider that vending machines are not just standard chips and soda. There are three different categories of vending machines, so be sure to consider all three types when choosing the machine whose products would be the biggest hit with your target market. There are food and beverage vending, bulk vending, and specialty vending.

Food and beverage vending machines with snacks, soda, and candy make up the majority of the vending market share in the U.S., with beverages alone accounting for nearly a third of vending sales. You can't go wrong with the obvious choice if that is what you decide. Bulk vending is a low maintenance cost and low capital option, providing products such as stock gumballs, stickers, or rubber balls. Large public places like arenas, airports, and malls often have machines offering goods like tech accessories, beauty products, or other specialty items, this is specialty vending. There are markets for all three of these vending options. you just need to decide which one is best for you!

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