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Location, Location, Location

Selecting a location for your vending machine is just as crucial as selecting your products. What market do you want to target?? Schools, medical centers/hospitals, laundry mats, malls, grocery stores, etc. Find the location that best suits you. Think about the locations where you have personally purchased something from a vending machine, as well as the times when people are most likely to purchase an item from a vending machine. There will be times where you are waiting somewhere and there were limited options for food and you needed something quick.

After doing this, do some research and secure a location. If you are a people person and have a connection to a business in your area where you think a vending machine would be a good fit, cold calling is not a bad idea. If you are comfortable, call the local businesses and check-in to see if they are interested in vending services. Another option would be visiting your local chamber of commerce to get information on major businesses in your area which would give you potential locations. Time to start scouting!

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