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It's all about the money, money money!!!!

There are different financing options for funding a vending machine, these financing options include, short-term loan and equipment financing. Vending does not require a high start-up cost, so whether you are starting with low capital or are already a business owner looking for a new business opportunity you will have the opportunity to start your own vending business.

If you are an established business owner with a business financial history, a short-term loan may be the way to go for you. With this option, you need to provide a good personal credit history along with good business revenue history when applying for this loan. It is typically a shorter period loan (less than 18 months) with a higher interest rate. However, you get a large lump sum deposited into your business account for use for this business venture, which would allow you capital to fund multiple machines. The other option of equipment financing is applying for a financing loan for a new vending machine. Partnered with a good business plan and steps to take proper care of the vending machine will help to sway lenders and get you that loan. Learn more about Financing options in upcoming blogs. Until then, our Vending Essentials is available for purchase on our site, this book will give you detailed information to help you kickstart your vending business!!

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